Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and find out a little more about me.

I was born in Essex, and have always been adventurous & a huge fan of the outdoors and knew I'd end up exploring different countries or even moving a bit further away, but didn't quite think it would be as far North as Scotland! But I don't regret it one tiny bit. I met my boyfriend, Chris, when my sister & I were up visiting family over hogmanay and my boyfriend was in the band we were watching that night. We hit it off and over a year later I was packing my bags to start a new chapter in Bonnie Scotland. We settled in to our first place together in Paisley a few months later and a year on we are still here & loving it! 

I feel since moving to Scotland I got another boost of creativity and ideas for my style of photography, this I feel is down to a couple of things. The amazing community of photographers I have been fortunate enough to meet up here that have been so welcoming, plus the fantastic scenery up here. I am IN LOVE with Glencoe & beyond! The roads, the lochs, the mountains, the wildlife, there is something so magical about the highlands. Any free time that my Chris & I have, we always go somewhere where we can breathe that fresh highland air and forget about the stresses of everyday life! And if we don't have huge amounts of time, we love a walk around Glennifer Braes. A beautiful country park in Paisley and if you're lucky you'll be greeted by some friendly highland cows! 


[Highland Pal - Glennifer Braes]


I also love coming back to Essex for weddings. So if you're down South and looking for a photographer, don't be put off by me being in Scotland. I am regularly down visiting friends & family, and of course, my dear Jack Russell, Daisy! I haven't managed to kidnap her & bring her up here yet ;-) 
I have lots of favourite spots around Essex for engagement shoots, but I am always open to your ideas & places that you have been together! So, what are you waiting for?!



Some other random facts...

- I love to dance (ballet in particular) - this is thanks to my mum having her own performing arts school for nearly 40 years!

- I love playing & listening to music. I've always been quite 'musical', I've played the clarinet since a young age, tried flute for a while, a trumpet is currently sitting in the cupboard waiting to be learnt AND I've recently added an electric guitar to my collection which I'm loving! 

- I am an avocado lover

- coffee drinker

- crazy plant lady 

- instagrammer

- lover of polaroids

- chocaholic

- smiler 


That covers a lot about me! Now time for you to tell me your story.





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