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  Hi, thanks so much for stopping by. I will try to keep this short & sweet!

I have loved photography since a young age, however, nothing quite compares to photographing people, emotions & moments. Since moving to Scotland from Essex, I always make sure I am capturing family memories, whether it's time spent with my nieces & nephew, a day out with the family or playing with our dog, Daisy.

Sadly, I lost my hero last year, my Grandad. I won't say too much before I start blubbing over my keyboard, but we all have that special person in our life. He inspired me, believed in me and taught me so many valuable lessons (and also gave the best hugs). And I have really learnt that life is short, and time is so precious. So, for me, these memories captured are so precious to hold on to.  Hence why I feel very lucky to be able to do this for others. 

I'm all about blending in and discreetly documenting these moments in a way that captures all the details for you to look back on and remember in years to come. 


A few things about me...

I probably drink too much coffee

Avocado is a must when I am out for brunch

My happy place is by the sea

I love exploring the Scottish highlands

Animal lover

Chocolate lover, also

I am a crazy plant lady (and I drive a Citroen Cactus, ironically)

I love taking photos on film as well as digital, and I do love a polaroid


If you are looking to have a special day documented, then please do get in touch. I would be more than happy to chat over a coffee (surprise surprise!). But seriously, I love to meet anyone that is thinking about booking me to photograph an event or occasion, I love to chat in person and get to know what you are after!

Thanks again and, maybe, I will see you very soon!

Lottie x





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